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Many contractors are thinking of moving to the cloud. The lure of anytime, anywhere access is powerful. If you are a contractor thinking of moving to the cloud, you should compare having the desktop version of QuickBooks hosted vs. using QuickBooks Online in order to have anytime, anywhere access to your accounting data.

anytime anywhere access increases productivityAnytime, anywhere access using your PC, iPad, iPhone, or tablet computer is becoming the name of the game in our busy lives as we become more driven by technology and the desire to make life easier. The lure of the cloud is everywhere – including the thought of putting your QuickBooks accounting information there as well.

Let’s face it – it makes sense in so many ways.

As a business owner your time is better spent in the field or on the jobsite – but there are still certain accounting related functions that you or your foreman need to accomplish, such as:

  • creating an Estimate while the numbers are fresh in your head
  • entering employee time spent on the jobsite
  • entering a Purchase Order for that material you just ordered
  • recording the check that you just wrote

These are just a few of the things that you might need to do while out and about and the last thing that you want to do is to cut the day short to head back to the office or take time away from your family in order to stay on track……

Intuit’s QuickBooks, especially the Pro, Premier and Enterprise desktop versions, are the most popular small business accounting programs on the market; far more so than the QuickBooks Online versions. This is mainly because the desktop versions are more powerful, flexible, and can work with more 3rd party applications that can extend functionality for your business than the online versions.  Another reason that the desktop version is more popular is because they have more functionality, especially when it comes to job-costing and payroll.

Many contractors think that in order to have anytime, anywhere access they need to switch to the QuickBooks Online version.  During the next few articles we’ll discuss this misconception.

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