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Moving to the cloud is a phrase that is being heard far more frequently today than ever before as we are driven by technology and the desire to make our work life easier, more efficient, and faster.  For most business owners, moving to the cloud includes moving their company’s QuickBooks data – but there is also the cost factor.

QuickBooks in the cloud has been available for the last few years through the QuickBooks Online Essentials or Plus versions – while these are great programs for some businesses, they don’t provide even the same basic functionality that QuickBooks Pro does; let alone Premier or Enterprise.  And for a contractor, that meant having to choose between ease of access and functionality.

More recently having the desktop version QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise hosted by an Intuit-Authorized Commercial Hosting company has become more accepted, popular, and even in some cases, even expected.  Let’s face it, technology is dictating that if it isn’t in the cloud, it’s old, outdated, and inconvenient in this always connected world that we now live in.

Intuit Authorize Commercial HostRight now there are twenty (20) *Intuit-Authorized Commercial Hosting companies.  Each of these hosting companies offers unique services for about $50.00 per month per user – for example, some will:

  • also host QuickBooks 3rd party applications (such as our Certified Payroll and AIA Billing add-ons)
  • not host ANY QuickBooks 3rd party applications
  • host only 3rd party applications that they feel could be used by all businesses
  • charge you an extra fee to have a 3rd party application hosted
  • include the 3rd party application at no additional charge

If you use QuickBooks 3rd party applications and want to have QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise hosted – make sure that you ask the hosting company if they will also host your QuickBooks integrated solutions; it could be a deal maker or breaker.

Don’t assume that they all offer the same type of hosting plan or that they will all host these types of applications.

Contact us at 888-348-2877 to discuss the details of your hosting requirements and we will provide you with our recommendations for a configuration and a hosting provider to meet your needs.

*While there may be many other companies that say they host QuickBooks – only companies that display the Intuit Authorized Commercial Host logo on their website and are listed on the Intuit Hosting Program page, are “authorized” to do so.

To learn more about hosting options, visit the Cooper Mann Consulting blog and read about Knowing Your Options:  Hosting QuickBooks for Shared and Remote Access.

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