QuickBooks Desktop vs. Online

When contractors think of moving to the cloud for anytime, anywhere access to their QuickBooks accounting data they think that switching to QuickBooks Online is the only option.
Most don’t realize that you can have your QuickBooks desktop version of Pro, Premier or Enterprise hosted and achieve the same anytime, anywhere access without sacrificing job-costing.
This section contains information about the benefits of having your QuickBooks desktop version of Pro, Premier or Enterprise hosted with an Intuit-Authorized Commercial Hosting Company.

So, you’ve decided your company is going to go “cloud”.  The next logical step is to select a hosting provider. Not all hosts are created equal, so to speak.  Some are great at the basics.  You need QuickBooks and Office?  No problem!  Wait, you have this 3rd-party integration you need? Sorry, can’t help you. Which host you choose will definitely depend on what it is you need.  It’s not something that should be taken lightly.  It will affect your business, but whether or not the effect is a positive one will depend on how well you do your homework.
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Right now there are twenty (20) *Intuit-Authorized Commercial Hosting companies.  Each of these hosting companies offers unique services for about $50.00 per month per user. If you use QuickBooks 3rd party applications and want to have QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise hosted – make sure that you ask the hosting company if they will also host your QuickBooks integrated solutions; it could be a deal maker or breaker.  Don’t assume that they all offer the same type of hosting plan or that they will all host these types of applications.
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Cost is always a factor– and cost doesn’t always involve money either, don't sacrifice the functionality of QuickBooks desktop for anytime, anywhere access. Do your homework, what features and functionality will you be giving up by choosing QuickBooks Online vs. having a QuickBooks Desktop version of Pro, Premier or Enterprise hosted and then look closely at the overall costs - is QuickBooks Online really cheaper?
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Anytime, anywhere access using your PC, iPad, iPhone, or tablet computer is becoming the name of the game in our busy lives as we become more driven by technology and the desire to make life easier. The lure of the cloud is everywhere - including the thought of putting your QuickBooks accounting information there as well. Intuit's QuickBooks, especially the Pro, Premier and Enterprise desktop versions, are the most popular small business accounting programs on the market; far more so than the QuickBooks Online versions. This is mainly because the desktop versions are more powerful, flexible, and can work with more 3rd party applications that can extend functionality for your business than the online versions.  Another reason that the desktop version is more popular is because they have more functionality, especially when it comes to job-costing and payroll.
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