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Certified Payroll Solution – Automatically Generate Federal and/or State Specific Certified Payroll/Prevailing Wage, ARRA, EEOC/Work Utilization, and Fringe Benefit Reports … by Extending the Power of QuickBooks!

Many government contractors across the country are subject to the Davis-Bacon Act (Prevailing Wage) – including a growing number of small and large construction firms as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).  ARRA provided billions of dollars in funding for the improvement of the nation’s infrastructure, that in turn, created a slew of new government-funded construction projects requiring certified payroll/prevailing wage reports.  If you are one of these contractors and use QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise AND Intuit Basic, Enhanced, or Assisted Payroll services to run your businesses and pay your employees, you can improve accuracy and save time and money by using Certified Payroll Solution, by Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc.

automate your processesCertified Payroll Solution integrates with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise AND Intuit Basic, Enhanced, or Assisted Payroll services to provide comprehensive and accurate prevailing wage payroll reports, including the most frequently required WH-347 Payroll Certification Form and the WH-348 Statement of Compliance Form.  To meet the complex compliance regulations faced by customers, Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. also provides reporting on nearly all municipal, state, and federal paper forms: required by each state. Electronic certified payroll submission, compatible with LCPtracker, MyLCM, Elation Systems, California eCPR system and several other agencies; is also included at no additional cost.

Run Your Business More Efficiently.

Stop wasting your time manually creating  the reports required on government funded construction projects!

Tired of manually creating reports, entering data multiple times, or dealing with programs that just don’t work?  If so, let our software do the busy work.  Certified Payroll Solution, now in its thirteenth year and recognized in 2004 by the Sleeter Group as one of the Top Ten “Awesome Add-Ons for QuickBooks”; continues to reliably automate the time-consuming, error prone task of manually creating prevailing wage payroll reports by reading information that you have already entered in your QuickBooks file – so you don’t need to copy, manipulate, or re-enter the same data, multiple times.

Certified Payroll Solution (CPS) works with QuickBooks to provide a complete solution for both Union and non-Union contractors.

QuickBooks holds information about your employees, the jobs you work on, time tracking, and payroll information; it can also be made to track your fringe benefit or bona-fide plan contributions.  CPS holds additional information about employees, jobs, payroll wage items, and payroll deductions that QuickBooks does not, in “linked records”.  Information is then merged together from both programs to generate the final paper or electronic reports – including ARRA, EEOC/Work Utilization, and Fringe Benefit Reports – ready for your signature and mailing.

Because Certified Payroll Solution utilizes your existing QuickBooks data, you will:

  • Get paid faster
  • Save time on contract compliance through integration with QuickBooks
  • Create accurate, timely, legible reports
  • Eliminate transposition errors
  • Stop entering the same data multiple times
  • Simplify critical areas of your business
  • Make your job more efficient
  • Be able to concentrate on your business

Certified Payroll Solution includes Wage Manager Solution (a $100.00 value if purchased separately), which allows you to quickly and easily work with multiple employees, payroll wage items, and pay rates; all at the same time in one convenient location.

How Does Certified Payroll Solution Work? 10 minute video

How Does Certified Payroll Solution work?  Watch a 10 minute video on how Certified Payroll Solution interfaces with QuickBooks by clicking the image to the left.

A Certified Payroll Solution “company license” (install it for as many users as necessary) is $395.00.  Contact us at 888-348-2877 to discuss hosting it in the cloud.

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