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Our Support Policy includes provisions for Free Support, Free Training, Paid Training, and Program Maintenance.

Sunburst also provides an extensive Certified Payroll Solution Support, Training and Resource Center on our main website and that should be the first place to go when you look for Certified Payroll Solution training.
video trainingOnce you arrive at the Certified Payroll Solution Support, Training and Resource Center, you’ll find:

  • Audio/Video training –  available in two different formats for your convenience – Windows Media Player and Flash.  There are 3 different videos that you will want to watch and they will walk you through the basic setup and use of the Certified Payroll Solution program:
    • Initial Setup Video – walks you through entering your license information, granting CPS permission to access your QuickBooks file, and the initial setup of various certified payroll reporting preferences in CPS, which are not handled by QuickBooks.  (Video number 4 or 5)
    • QuickBooks Setup Video – a review of your QuickBooks company file setup, and the information that CPS “expects” to find there, in order to accurately generate your certified payroll reports. Recommended for BOTH new and long time QuickBooks users so that you’ll understand how the program will use your QuickBooks data.  (Video number 6 or 7)
    • Running Certified Payroll Solution – an overview of running your first set of certified payroll reports using Certified Payroll Solution.  Covers granting permission for CPS to access your QuickBooks file, creating one-time linked records back to QuickBooks to hold additional information required on your reports, previewing, printing, and troubleshooting your reports. (Video number 8 or 9)
  • How-To Support videos  – these are short (normally under 10 minute) how to videos for our most common support calls.  Be sure to check out videos for:
    • How To Roll Up/Combine Certified Payroll Reports
    • How To Create an “electronic” certified payroll report file to upload to LCPtracker, Elation Systems, TRS Consultants/Hill International, California Compliance Monitoring Unit’s MyLCM system, and others
    • How to Troubleshoot and Correct a Timecard/Paycheck mismatch error
    • How to Troubleshoot When Deductions and/or Net Wages are Incorrect on your final reports
    • and more
  • Technical & Training Documentation – includes support articles on handling employee pay scale changes, handling wage restitution or underpaying employees, creating electronic certified payroll reports, troubleshooting blank spots on your reports, printing or reprinting old reports, etc.
  • Resolving Error Messages – a comprehensive list of all possible error messages that you could encounter when running Certified Payroll Solution, with detailed instructions on how to resolve the error.

These items and much more are provided free of charge.

If you desire personal one-on-one training via the telephone and remote support – we do insist that you purchase a 1, 2, or 4 hour training contract – see the order page on our main website for details and pricing.

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